Small Beings, Big Troubles! Children are the most beautiful creations of the God: they are tender, innocent and ever-lovable creations of the Almighty. He loves them and showers all that He can on them. But unfortunately, right from the day these children make their presence felt on the earth, their share of troubles begin piling up. While some are equipped well to tame the troubles, others fall prey to the vagaries of time - they are forced into hunger, slavery, ailments, sexual abuses, exploitation, et al! And it is the problem of these very children of lesser God that Stolenchildhood blog with address itself to. Since it is not possible for us to reach out to every suffering child physically to help them out, we will be highlighting their plight and cause through our write-ups. Besides, apart from the routine troubles faced by these children, with changing times, these little angels are also exposed to the modern-day evils of stress and strain, isolated existence, physical exploitation, etc. We will not just talk about these problems, but also try to offer some practicable solutions to them. Keep us posted!

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