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Children may be small beings but their problems are certainly not small. We will not just talk about these problems, but also try to offer some practicable solutions to them.



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June 2006

Dakshina Kannada district in India to eliminate Child labour by 2007
By : Himadree | Jun 1 2006, 5:51 am GMT

Child care groups all around the world is struggling hard to eliminate child labour from the face of the world. However, this would not be possible until the society gets involved in this drive.

In the Dakshina Kannada district of South India, the...

Indonesia’s earthquake displaces 40% children
By : Himadree | Jun 1 2006, 6:00 am GMT

The destructive Indonesian earthquake has left miles and miles of barren lands, with families searching for their near and dear ones with a faint hope in their heart.

The earthquake measuring 6.5 in the Richter scale destroyed many lives leaving...

Teenagers bunking school due to hangovers
By : Himadree | Jun 1 2006, 6:39 am GMT

These days many teenagers are developing unhealthy activities and undesired acts.

A survey carried on about 200 school students in Cheshire reveals that more than a third of the teens in the age group of 14 to 17 year old have confessed of having...

‘Paedophile Party’ running amock in Holland?
By : Himadree | Jun 2 2006, 1:27 am GMT

Everything is permissible in Netherlands it seems. The latest buzz is a new political party who presented themselves in the Dutch Parliament appealing for ‘the legalisation of child pornography and sex between adults and children’.

However, the...

Does Arab culture hinder the child’s intellectual stimulation?
By : Himadree | Jun 2 2006, 2:02 am GMT

The Arabic world is so caught up in the web of its aged old tradition and conservative culture that they are not realizing that they are overpowering the growth of their children.

In a recent session titled the ‘Doha Debates’ almost 51% of the...

Almost 40,000 child labours in Uganda tea estates
By : Himadree | Jun 2 2006, 2:48 am GMT

No solution seems to be feasible enough to wipe away the destructive business of child labour. No matter how many child welfare and human rights organizations are being set up to combat with it, all the attempts are going futile.

According to ILO...

Namibian women’s silent march against child abuse
By : Himadree | Jun 2 2006, 3:42 am GMT

Staging a peaceful protest against the alarming rise of child abuse in Namibia, a huge group of women with special support from Young Women’s Christian Association marched all the way to the Governor’s office.

This march was a reaction to the...

Child labor ratio drops in Ghana
By : Himadree | Jun 3 2006, 1:49 am GMT

The poor families in Ghana region of South Africa are so crippled due to low income that they has to send their child to work as labours.

This part of SA is mainly inhabited by fishing communities whose condition is the worst of all. Their child has...

Pakistan registers 45% school dropouts
By : Himadree | Jun 3 2006, 2:31 am GMT

Illiteracy is one major problem in Pakistan, which the government has ultimately realized. Almost half of the country’s population is illiterate and the situation has become all the more crucial with large number of students leaving school halfway....

Muslim girl: Subject of school discrimination
By : Himadree | Jun 3 2006, 2:54 am GMT

Muslim girls for long now have been facing large-scale discrimination in the schools. Just because of her religion, the school authority as well as the fellow students frequently humiliates her.

Recently a 10-year-old girl became a victim of this...

Child abuse training for pastors
By : Himadree | Jun 5 2006, 4:20 am GMT

The increasing child abuse rate has forced the United Methodist leaders in Virginia to launch training program for the pastors.

A conference was held in Virginia during which a decision was taken to make it mandatory for the pastors to keep a check...

Teenagers hatching plot to be declared as terrorists
By : Himadree | Jun 5 2006, 4:34 am GMT

With the continual rise of violence in school campuses, the concerned authorities are getting tougher on the trouble making teens.

Any students who are found planning attacks against their classmates or their teaching faculty will face...

UK students not aware of sexual abuse
By : Himadree | Jun 5 2006, 4:51 am GMT

An NSPCC survey reveals that most of the Brit students are doubtful about sexual abuses. This is largely due to the lack of systematic sex education in schools.

The charity organization’s report alone found almost 93% of students saying that...

Hi-tech lifestyles may pose health risks for children
By : Himadree | Jun 5 2006, 5:30 am GMT

Children’s TV and computer addiction have direct impact on their health says a poll report from the British Dietetic Association.

The survey conducted on nearly 3,000 schoolchildren reveals that for a major chunk of the day they are hooked to the...

Young kids who harass girls classmates are induced by sexual curiosity
By : Himadree | Jun 6 2006, 4:15 am GMT

A recent incident shook the very foundation of a school in US when the authorities found out that some boys in the age group between 6 to 8 years sexually harassed an 8-year-old girl who was their classmate.

The shocking incident took place in the...

Teenager is making movies on burning social issues
By : Himadree | Jun 6 2006, 4:45 am GMT

To combat with the large number of starving kids all over the world the teenagers at Southeast Missourian took a very significant step.

One of them is Hugh McGowan, an 18 year old who made a touching 60 sec movie titled ‘One Life at a Time’....

Rwanda: A country of orphans?
By : Himadree | Jun 6 2006, 4:52 am GMT

Almost thirty percent of the children in Central Africa are orphans. All these kids are to be found in the rural areas of the nation.

This latest findings have shocked the members of the Parliaments. As reported by the Minister of Gender and...

The violent kids of South Africa
By : Himadree | Jun 6 2006, 5:10 am GMT

Who will believe that today a large number of children under 12 years of age are fast taking over the tag from teenagers as ‘culprits’?

The number of incoming calls received by the Child help lines is registering cases where one child is abusing...

Many children go missing in Saudi Arabia
By : Himadree | Jun 7 2006, 4:13 am GMT

Sudden disappearance of children in Saudi Arabia is causing anguish among the parents. Without any single trace, children in the age group of five to ten years old have just gone missing.

Neither the police department nor the parents have a clue as to...

Self-abuse rampant among American students
By : Himadree | Jun 7 2006, 4:34 am GMT

A shocking revelation is threatening the entire nation of America. A survey made by the counselors of Cornell and Princeton states that almost 70% of the students in middle & high schools and even colleges are following a dangerous trend of...

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