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Children may be small beings but their problems are certainly not small. We will not just talk about these problems, but also try to offer some practicable solutions to them.



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February 2007

Inner turmoil of America: Teen sex slavery
By : Pooja | Feb 1 2007, 5:18 am GMT

Children in the 21st century have become a mere commodity especially for sale and marketing, primarily for sexual purposes.

I really don’t know what this world is coming to but it does seem to be getting worse as the years go by that’s for sure....

Children’s foreheads slashed in Muslim saint’s name?
By : Pooja | Feb 1 2007, 6:44 am GMT

We’ve heard a lot from these chauvinistic ridden Muslim countries regarding polygamy, honor killings, parents bartering their minor girls to drug lords, women’s right of inheritance that are being snatched by their brothers, self immolation and women not...

Rising trend of child abuse in Australia
By : Pooja | Feb 2 2007, 11:30 am GMT

There has been concern recently in Australia about the sexual abuse of children. As a society, we are now talking more freely about child abuse, child neglect and physical and sexual abuse, which were not really recognized or discussed in previous times....

Teens engaging in dicey behaviors are at risk for depression: Study
By : Pooja | Feb 3 2007, 4:38 am GMT

Teen girls, who spoil themselves with dicey behaviors, like sex and drugs are more susceptible to depression. While depressed girls who are abstinent, however, have lesser chances of engaging in any high-risk behavior.

A common belief about...

Conscription of children and sexual abuse, a never-ending tale in Darfur
By : Pooja | Feb 5 2007, 5:04 am GMT

Darfur is becoming a growing concern for the world arround. Boys in Sudan’s war- torn Darfur region are increasingly at risk of being recruited into armed groups, while girls are being preyed upon by sexual violence.

Radhika Coomaraswamy, the UN...

Is the new study material justifying terrorism?
By : Pooja | Feb 5 2007, 6:24 am GMT

School students as young as 14 are imbibing the values of Al Qaeda, which is a part of their history lessons. The course material also gives justification of terrorism that has been initiated by Osama bin Laden’s 9/11 atrocities.

Scholars are of...

Horrendous life of street children in Bangladesh
By : Pooja | Feb 5 2007, 9:01 am GMT

Street girls are seen as a socio-economy phenomenon rather then a social category - a phenomenon created by social systems, gender rules, political and economic.

The phenomenon of street children and girls has been a major concern for most areas of...

Mounting number of kids exposed to online porn
By : Pooja | Feb 5 2007, 12:14 pm GMT

While surfing internet, most of the kids unintentionally happen to get in touch with online pornography.

Forty-two percent of internet users aged 10 to 17 surveyed stated they had seen online pornography in the past year.

A high school senior...

‘Paris commitments’ to end recruitment of child soldiers in war
By : Pooja | Feb 7 2007, 4:57 am GMT

Finally, the nations are actually thinking of combating the menace, which leads to conscription of children. Thus, some 58 countries have signed a ‘Paris commitments’ to protect children from being recruited as soldiers in wars.

According to the...

Austria busts global child porn ring
By : Pooja | Feb 8 2007, 4:32 am GMT

A major international child pornography ring, who paid to view videos depicting young children being sexually abused, involving more than 2,000 suspects from 77 countries have been seized by Austrian authorities.

Their prey included children as...

It is indeed real!
By : Pooja | Feb 8 2007, 5:15 am GMT

A young Afghan refugee dangles a cigarette from his mouth outside his temporary shelter in Kabul. Yes, its quite real, the little one would soon be lighting it and puffing the smoke.

Is the picture not enough to shake the international communities...

Half of Indian kids starving
By : Pooja | Feb 13 2007, 4:41 am GMT

Almost half of the country’s kids are malnourished and stunted, putting it in the same league as poorer nations like Cambodia and Burkina Faso.

The latest figures from India’s National Family Health Survey has highlighted that the problem of health...

Iraq: Children ensnared into drugs and prostitution
By : Pooja | Feb 13 2007, 5:45 am GMT

Violence in Iraq has turned into an obvious nightmare for the native children. Majority of them have lost their parents and shelter. They have no place to go and so have taken refuge in the streets where, they can easily gall prey to gangs involved in...

Child sexual abuse in Zimbabwe
By : Pooja | Feb 14 2007, 5:24 am GMT

Children’s lives in Zimbabwe are slowly precipitating into the dungeons of darkness, where there is no hope. The region is saturated with horrible deeds of sexual molestation done by fathers to their own blood, their minor daughters.

The problem is...

Is UK accused of failing its children?
By : Pooja | Feb 14 2007, 6:44 am GMT

Recent report by UNICEF has asserted that in spite of being a wealthy nation, United Kingdom is failing to give native children the best possible start in life. It has landed on 21st rank for looking after the well-being of the children.

The top...

Rwanda to introduce 3-kid limit for families
By : Pooja | Feb 15 2007, 10:33 am GMT

Rwanda is a small country in Africa but is thickly populated so in order to overcome the population problem, the government is planning to introduce a law that would restrict couples to no more than three children per family.

On an average, Rwandan...

Adelaide: 300 street children at risk of abuse
By : Pooja | Feb 15 2007, 11:07 am GMT

Nearly 300 street children are at a risk of becoming prey to sexual predators in regional cities and country towns of Adelaide.

Former Supreme Court judge Ted Mullighan, QC, asserted that abuse of street children is not a new thing in the region....

Brazil cracks down on child prostitution
By : Pooja | Feb 17 2007, 5:48 am GMT

Concerned about Rio’s image as a major sex tourism destination and the crime that surrounds prostitution, city prosecutors are launching a campaign against sexual exploitation and the use of minors in the sex trade.

Seeking to crack down on an...

18,000 children die of hunger everyday
By : Vipinagnihotri | 7 hr. ago

It is ‘a terrible indictment of the world in 2007′ that 18,000 children die daily due to hunger and malnutrition, and 850 million people go to bed every night with empty stomachs, the head of the UN food agency, James Morris said.

He called for...

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