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Israel-Lebanon War: A Conflict Between Israeli & Lebanese Children

Himadree Himadree,Delhi, INDIA
Jul 29 2006, 10:03 am GMT

With the Israel attack on Lebanon getting complicated and destructive everyday, children are the worst victims under the present circumstance. The attack was launched against the Hezbollah militia but the victims of war are none other than the Lebanese Children.

Almost one third of the Lebanese who have lost their lives are children. What is wrong with the international organizations?

This barbaric massacre is a violation against human rights and international laws

Instead of an armed conflict, the Israel-Lebanon war has become a war of the children. The Israeli children are leaving missiles with their taunting message, which is a direct slap on the face of humanity and the elder generation.

The messages send by the Israeli kids read:

Dear Lebanese/Palestinian/Arab/Muslim/Christians - Kids,
Die with love.
Israeli Kids


What the adults in Israel are teaching their children is very monstrous?

More than 55% of the all the war causalities in Beirut is children, all below 15 years of age. Due to the unpredictable nature of bombing, children’s are hardly able to save themselves, and already they are having a nervous breakdown.

Israeli kids in action:





Comments (13)
Rating: -1

This is all against all religions. Children arre the perfect
gift of GOD. & this war is against all human rights.

Rating: -1

The children are doing what the photographer asked them to do. This entire war has been manipulated by the media, and this photographer was no different. He saw the opportunity to create a fake situation which confirmed the truth as he/she saw it.
This has gone on a lot lately, and not just from Reuters.

Rating: -1

this war must end now its not posible that people do nothing in the east while in te west people are murdered by bush’s super toys that destroy everything he should by sholuder to shoulder with the troops and not hide in his house fucking with blair.

Rating: -1

Not odd to me, as a Lebanese I know since the day I was born that Israelis are occupiers, illegitimate and will do whatever they can to kill life in middle east to occupy more lands.. Human rights never stood in their way and never will, but arms and weapons is the only thing that ever could halt them.

Kenneth Powell,
Oct 23 2006, 2:18 am GMT
Rating: Neutral

Is that supposed to be fun or humorous?? It’s sad to me...

Rating: -1

we should kill every lebanese kid and every non jew because god created all human race as slaves for us and israel has theright to kill anybody to reach its goal.

Rating: -1

You filthy jews, we must’ve burned you all !

Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer

Rating: Neutral

wow, whata filthy lie you have on your page, if you actually look at the picture you posed the message says ”to nasrallah with love from israeli kids” and with your rabid jew hating, you simply lied and posted something totally difference, disgusting. you should be ashamed.

Rating: Neutral

You make me sick, the translation is wrong, you’re some sick people who want the world to hate Israel so you dont even think twice about posting lies, thinking theres ppl out there that cant read hebrew?... you buch of dirty liars and biggots... it says ”To Nasrallah, with love from Israeli children”... Nasrallah is the Hezbolah leader who coordinates the launching of rockets from Lebanon at Israeli civillians across the border.

You make me sick, you liars. I think it shows exactly who YOU care about, and it sure aint the truth.

Rating: Neutral

WTF??? So you deliberately lied about what the children wrote to further an anti-Israel agenda?

No damn wonder you’re begging for advertising. Even advertisers see a bullsh!t site.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre,
Nov 22 2006, 9:13 pm GMT
Rating: -1

Samuel’s comment is not untypical of many hardcore Israeli racists in the region. If all other races were slaves for Jews, why have you not had your own country for over 2000 years? Also, when you finally got it, you didn’t fight for it, but were just exterminated and given pity. Without American tax dollars Israel would cease to exist. We give over 5.5 billion dollars of aide each year, not to mention Israeli lobby groups in the nation, and the under the table help we give them via free guns, ships, jets and etc. Israel is simply an extension of American imperialism in the Middle East. The moment the American government does not need a presence in the region, there will be no Israel.

Rating: Neutral

we should kill every lebanese kid and every non jew because god created all human race as slaves for us and israel has theright to kill anybody to reach its goal.

that is why jews were killed and expelled during Adolf Hitler time, he knew how danourous Jews are and should not be given a chance to live a mong Earopeans but unfortunatly, he died wihtout accomplishiing his task., to kill all jews

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wow who ever wrote the article is totally retarded and racist against Israelis and jews! First of all to all of you ignorant people that could make sense of one word being equal to ”Lebanese/Palestinian/Arab/Muslim/Christians”... wow. Secondly you should never ever again translate anything, it clearly says in English ”Nazrala whit love from Israel and Danielle”... Secondly to Samuel, you are a waste of human life you are no better than the terrorists! God created humans to live equally and peacefully with eachother.

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